April 20, 2024
Posted Date: May 11 2020
Greetings to everyone visiting us from the 2020 Midwest Clinic Virtual Exhibit Hall! We're glad you made the effort to find us here, and we really miss being able to be there in Chicago to meet with you in person. 

First, for our new titles this year, scroll down this page to see links that will take you to the 2020 new title listings where you'll find complete descriptions as well as sound+score videos. We also have a YouTube channel,  Baker's Jazz And More , where you can find all 99 of our videos and search by style, grade level, composer, etc. Clicking on the Store Tab above takes you to a full listing of all of our charts, also easily searchable.

Second, we really value face to face communication with our customers, so if you have any questions or would like recommendations for your ensemble, please contact me at paul@bakersjazzandmore.com for email discussion or to set up a convenient time to talk on the phone (512) 918-2890  or Skype or Zoom or whatever else we can do to help you find the music you need.

Finally, we'd like to express our admiration and support for all the educators, music and otherwise, who have been forced into heroic action above and beyond the call to continue educating their students at the highest levels possible. You guys are awesome!

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