June 21, 2024
Los Viento de Cambio
Jazz Ensemble 5-4-4-4
An colorful and easy paced straight 8th tone-poem-like chart based on the chord changes of the standard There Will Never Be Another You. A beautiful alto sax melody sets the tone early amidst lush backgrounds and harmonies. The melody then moves to the trombones and brass section to build the melodic and dynamic energy. A brief sax soli acts as an interlude into the trumpet (or flugel) solo. The piano (or guitar) takes the second solo which leads into a rich, almost symphonic, development section. Emerging from the fray, a majestic lead trumpet soars above the ensemble before rejoining the ensemble for the final push to the finish. This chart will require a stout brass section. Trumpet range to writen high C. Trombone to Ab.

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Score & Parts
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